The Eco Revolution

RevolutionaryTo offer top quality products whilst pioneering the way for a more conscious fashion industry. Raising awareness and incorporating a social/eco aspect to an area that has a large impact on all of us.

Moyenne focuses highly on the quality of the garments, the fit and the feel allowing one to manifest their own style with confidence. The name "Moyenne" = average (in french) is used as an oxymoron and has derived from the understanding of embracing uniqueness. The power to create without being over-influenced and being yourself.

Whilst promoting individuality, we also take responsibility in achieving a more positive field, ensuring quality and fairness at every step of production from start to finish. We pride ourselves on the basis that all manufacturers are part of fair trade and all items are made sustainably.

As a sustainable brand, we also seek to raise awareness within the mental health field and donate 10% profits to the LYP Foundation. The foundation provides choice and chance to those disadvantaged in this society.